Favorite Techniques

I recently looked back at some of my older pages and realized there are some techniques that I adopted over the years that I like so much, they just never die. Doodling is one, of course. Another is using different liquid mediums on my pages. Paints, dyes, inks, and in this example shown here, liquid "glass". There are several brands out there but I used Aleene's Paper Glaze here.

It's kinda the consistency of white glue but it's clear. I apply it right from the tip directly to my layout. I like it because it adds a little more texture or dimension but it's not too bulky and is rather subtle. I like the highlights you get when you move the page around and the light hits the clear lines and dots in different ways. It dries rather quickly and can also be painted on with a paintbrush for larger coverage areas.

I have tried it on glossy photos and don't like the way it looks so I tend to stick to applications on paper and embellishments only. While it's wet or tacky, you can also drop some beads or glitter into it and they'll stay put. You can tint it with paint but I've not tried that yet. Hmmmm... something to do this weekend. :)

Anyway, thought I'd share this closeup photo of this medium on paper. Enjoy!


Katherine said...

I love the way the glaze makes the details on the flower pop! Now I've got to dig through the stash and do some playing! Thanks for the ideas!

Lisa said...

i've never used the glaze - but have heard about it - just didn't know the actual brand name. Now i'll look for it and give it a try!!

Linh said...

I tried this on several layouts and I love it!

Anonymous said...

Not familiar with the glaze but will look it up - love what you've done with it. And delighted to see you're back! The last scrapbooking class at Big picture Scrapbooking was such fun and I have a number of friends just waiting for it to return - please keep us posted! Alexa

Anonymous said...

Hey girl....I am so proud of you....you're amazing and have accomplished so much. Keep up the great work and inspiration.

Hope to see you again soon.


Just Say Julie said...

very cool! i need to start using up some of my glaze like that!