Online Class has Begun!

Hello to all my Doodle All Day students on Big Picture Scrapbooking! I'm very excited that class has started. It's Day Two and I'm already having a blast. For those of you who missed registration, the class may be offered again and I'll make sure to let you know if it is. The creative team at BPS has done a fantastic job pulling the class together. A huge special thank you to all of them for helping this class be as great as it looks like it's going to be.

I'll see you in the classroom!


Patricia said...

Hi, I've been enjoying your book and playing around with some LO's using some of the doodling. Just wanted to ask you what type of pens do you use most of the time? And what type of pens would you recommend for doodling on buttons. I've used glaze, but kind of tricky.

Patricia said...

Hey! Thanks, Maelynn for the info on the pens. I have an addiction to pens...so it helps to find really good ones!!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I've been having so much fun in the class! I really enjoy the daily emails and "doodle homework"!! Getting Doodley with it!! :)
Julia, GA

Anonymous said...

Maelyn. I taught the Scrap Your Scraps class at Big Picture this past month and I could comment in the gallery. When I inquired at Big Picture they told me it was only for instructors. I can even comment in the gallery in your class. I am loving your class and book. This has been so much fun. I was just at the online chat.


Anonymous said...

I am so bummed I missed this class!
I do hope it will be offered again!!
And will look forward to joining then.

NJStampinMom / "Lynn" said...

Hi Maelynn. LOVING the doodle class. I haven't been able to spend as much time on it as I would like, but I have done some and I have downloaded all the handouts and audio and your emails so I can keep working on it as time allows.

Question - How did you do that COOL effect on the photo in this post????

NJStampinMom / "Lynn" said...
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