It's not cheating!

I've been asked a few times during my doodling classes - in person and now online - if I use doodling templates and if I think it's cheating. Cheating at doodling, that is. Well, I say absolutely not! I've used Crafters Workshop templates a few times and really like them. I also like to take them and add my own touches to them.

Here's one I made for my LSS. I used the template for the basis of the swirls and foliage and most of the dots. I moved the template around and just used bits of it here and there to create my own pattern of swirls. Same with the dots.

I used a Sakura black Permapaque marker for the black because it was going to be on both paper and the slick photo paper. Then I outlined some of them with white to give them a little more depth.

The second layout I used a different template and changed pens depending on what color I wanted to stencil in. I'd color it in, lift it carefully, and let the ink dry. I'd then reposition it and repeat the process with a different color. I put some of the design over the photo and some beneath.

So, for you doodlers out there, use those templates! It's still doodling, just doodling with help. :) Who couldn't use a little help every now and then?


Kimberly said...

Very cool indeed. I completely enjoyed your class! Thanks Maelynn "chang".........lol You know I could not resist!

Michelle said...

Your layouts are so beautiful. Thanks for explaining the doodling! I'm going to go look for that magazine after work! Can't wait to see your ad!

NancyJones said...

OK so how have I missed all this time that you live in Alabama? I had no clue! SEE I TOLD YOU I was a ding dong!! hehe. and yes That woudl be how Id be doodling too since I CANNOT DRAW WORTH A HOOT!

Kimberly said...

Are you just using your typepad now Maelynn?

RitaS said...

Love these Maelyn! Totally agree with thumbs up on aids being used!

What kind of pens did you use in the second LO, that went over a photo, but I see white and blue. I seem to have a hard time finding a good quality pen that will write over photos.

Dixon said...

You go girl. Love your blog.