Big Picture Class

I know some of you are awaiting my Doodling class on Big Picture Scrapbooking, and I promise, it's coming soon. But in the mean time, BPS is running a FREE series called A Colorful Summer. A bunch of BPS instructors have created layouts based on our favorite colors and they're all up there to inspire you!

My color is called Independent Red. You can listen to my audio file on their site to hear why I call it that and check out a fun layout featuring my favorite color, too.



Jeanette said...

This is just so awesome, Maelynn! I got my email from Stacy J. this morning and went first thing to sign up for this class! I'm so excited about your BPS class coming up, so hopefully this will help hold me over till then. (giggle) :D

Gretchen said...

Loved your layout! It's gorgeous!!!