Super classes

I love teaching doodling. I always start the class wondering what the students' expectations are. Some come in not even understanding what doodling is all about. And then today, after teaching two back-to-back classes, I was once again reminded why I love teaching this class. People seem truly excited about what they learned, excited to try the doodling techniques.

In addition, I was interested to see what people thought of the book. I know there is a ton of inspiration in there for scrapbookers, doodlers or not. It's a great idea book even without the doodling instruction. I'm so pleased with everyone's comments. Thank you students, and other folks who have already ordered the book.

Here, I'll share some of the comments I've already received. Keep 'em comin'!

"I got your book yesterday! It is even better than I imagined it would be--you rock!!!"

"I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I enjoyed your class and your book. It’s very unique and I know this will be something I use all the time."

"WOW!!! I received the book today & it is incredible!!! Your layouts are amazing & it is SO FUN to look at :)"


Staci said...

Congrats!! So glad everybody is lovin' your book!!!

Enrique said...

Thank you for coming out and teaching at the store It was a great pleasure to finally meet you. I had a great time listening to you and I will be practicing my doodling.

From me and all of EBB Creations we love ya...


Anonymous said...

Awww--I see I was quoted!!! You DO rock! I'm so glad everyone is enjoying your book as much as DD and I are!

It's sounds like your teaching experience in CA went great! Your book and classes are so cool because you are teaching scrapbookers something that they didn't realize they could actually LEARN to do...doodling looks like something you either know how to do all on your own, or you don't. You break it all down so that everyone can do it...it's very cool!

I want to encourage everyone(shameless plug coming...watch out!) who has not already ordered one of M's books to get one. You really will be inspired by it!

Sharie said...

I really enjoyed meeting you and thought this was a really fun class - you were very generous about sharing your tricks, tips and techniques. I think you took the mystery out of doodling for me!

I really like your book, and you're on my Blog, too!

Kimberly said...

I cannot wait to get my hands on the book! I am stalking the mailman I tell ya! I hope to come to your LSS in BHAM soon so I can meet ya in person and maybe DOODLE together!

Mrs. L said...

And where can we order the book???

Julie said...

if you ever get a chance to take a class from maelynn you better do it!! it was absolutely the most fun i have ever had in a class and uber informative....and it will make you want to doodle forever!


eMeLiNe said...

I'm really excited about the book !!

Anonymous said...

I had been in a bit of a dry spell, and getting some doodling tips from you, then all the inspiration in your book, kicked me right out! I have found that doodling is the answer for many of my pages.

Loved the class, and I recommend the book to anyone. It is so organized and easy to follow, and the layout are incredible!