Thank you Freestylers!

Once again, the class was a blast last night. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has taken the freestyle classes and I will think seriously about teaching more technique classes! Thank you for asking! I get so tickled every time someone says they've enjoyed my classes.
I think the big hit of the night was the technique using frisket and adhesive shelf liner paper. For anyone out there buying all those expensive masks.... this is a more affordable way to mask and you can create all your own shapes and designs and alphas.
The OTHER big hit was of course, the FREE SET OF SOUFFLE PENS from SAKURA!!!!!!!!! For those of you who paid for the series of classes and weren't able to make it, I'm putting together a kit for you (including your Souffle pens!) with supplies and instructions from last night's class. In addition, I will also be putting together an instruction sheet for the first two classes... it may be hard to remember all those cool techniques!
I may be teaching one more doodling class before the end of the year. I wasn't planning on it, and the timing around the holidays is usually not great, but India at Scrapbook Mania said she's had some people asking about the class. So, if you want to take 90 minutes out of your busy holiday schedule to learn some doodling, call the store and let them know. I'll hold the class if there are 6 people who sign up. The date is December 18th - the week before Christmas. It's a Monday night.
Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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