Hello around the world!

I am always amazed at the internet. It links much of the world together in a way not possible not so many years ago. Now, I can chat back and forth with my friend in London in real time for free. :-) Remember letters? I still love letters and still write them occasionally... not often enough. I think I'll write a letter today to someone special.

I was looking at my stats for my web site today. I'm in awe of the people around the world that actually look at my site and then come back to read more! So a big welcome to all my i-friends in the United States, Canada, Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Australia, Philippines, Spain, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Singapore, and Italy. I'd love to know more about you! Leave me a comment and introduce yourself!

Working on a few things around the house today since Cory is home sick. Some stomach thing. Poor baby. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, if you are indeed celebrating it.


Anonymous said...

I have lurked all your posts now! I am a Canadian girl Not from too far away :).

Your work is A-M-Azing!!!

tea said...

I found your blog today, through EBB Creations. I am Norwegian, partly scrapper, partly stamper, and completely crazy. In my daytime job I work as a culture/feature journalist.
and I agree with everyone else, your work is stunning.