Two-A-Days 2007

Have you seen the series on MTV entitled Two-a-Days? It's about a high school football team that has been ranked one of the top football teams in the nation most of the past several years. (It's called Two-a-Days because the team practices two times a day - before school and after school.) Well, MTV decided to do a reality series filming the goings-on around the team and the pressures they face both on and off the field (college scouting, girls, winning). Well, it just so happens that's the high school that my son will one day attend. Hoover, Alabama. He currently plays on the local Hoover youth football league and so the kids were invited to talk with the head coach before Friday night's game. MTV was also there filming. Coach said they are the future of Hoover football. It's described as being a religion here. That's not far off. I caught this photo - though very blurry - of my son and a few of his teammates being interviewed by MTV for next year's Two-a-Days series. Hope they don't edit him out. :-) Scrapbooking.... I've got another full doodling class tomorrow night. It's my last doodling class til next year, probably until the big 2-day cropping event in February. Looking forward to doodling tomorrow!