Good morning!

I love early Sunday mornings. My son is sleeping peacefully with his dog at his feet. I pulled out my french press to treat myself to better-than-usual coffee. The house is quiet. No television or anything. It's only a matter of time though... My son will awaken with a sweet "mom?", the dog will run to get a toy for someone to toss. Cory will get up and start telling me what he dreamt about and ask if he can watch cartoons. I'll make breakfast, take the dog out, then the day goes on from there... Later, I've got football to contend with. That's a whole lot of making sure I've got everything. I carry extra shoulder pads, chin straps, mouth guards, ice packs, gatorades... since as team parent I just have to be prepared for anything. As much as I love the peace and quiet right now, it's the noise, the voice of my son, the bark of my dog, the household goings-on, the running around doing busy things, that I love. It's alive. Have a great Sunday y'all. Hope your days are as wonderfully noisy as mine are. :-)

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