Cory on The Early Show!

and I missed it. Can you believe it? I posted in my last post a photo of him being filmed but I HAD NO IDEA it was for The Early Show. Grrrrrr. I could just slap myself! Anyway, someone on TwoPeasInABucket.com found the video of the segment online. It's about 4 minutes long and he's only on for a few seconds near the end but I'm so glad I have it. AND my friend Jenney actually Tivo'd this show and is burning it to a DVD for me! Phew. Of all people to have missed such a thing! :) On a not so fun note... I'm having a wisdom tooth removed tomorrow. Not looking forward to it but it has become necessary. I took my son to his dad's for a week so he's out of town. Works out well since I will most likely be incoherent for a while. I'll be at the market today buying pudding and soup and yogurt and more pudding. Sounds great, huh? To my freestylers... Next Monday is our second class... we'll be doing some fun things. You need to bring your pens you got at the first class, colored pencils, a 2" wide paintbrush if you have one (low-quality is fine), a couple craft paints, your freestyle journal, and your homework assignment from the last class (the one with the "little bits" of journaling.) If you decided to use your altered journal for something other than the freestyle class you also need to bring something similar to practice techniques in... anything with a little heavier paper is fine. If you still need to coat your journal with clearcoat or varnish, I'll have them with me again so you can finish up.