Health update

I have a diagnosis. It's an ovarian cyst. I have an ultrasound next Thursday and will meet with the doctor immediately after to discuss options. Most likely, I will have a laparoscopy to have the cyst removed because it's causing so much pain. It's a pretty standard procedure but will require a few days bed rest and 2-3 weeks recovery. Unfortunately, that means I am postponing my Sept. 11th Doodle-de-do class until October 9th. I will hopefully be good for my Freestyle class on September 25th, however. I'll be posting an image of the freestyle journal cover next, so keep a lookout for it. It's really going to be an awesome class!


Jenney said...

I'm glad you finally figured out what's going on! If you need ANYTHING at all, you know how to find me! HUGS!

Jamie said...

So glad you have an answer! I hope your procedure goes smoothly and you're back to 100% soon!