I am so ready for my FREESTYLE CLASSES! Again, it's a series of 3 classes for only $45, sponsored by Sakura. In class #1, we'll alter a journal with free product contributed by Autumn Leaves (click on the image to see the whole cover), and we'll start with some freestyle techniques. Also, you'll be getting a goodie or two from Sakura. In class #2, we'll dive straight into freestyle techniques, you may see some gesso or alcohol inks or other fun surprise mediums along with another goodie or two from Sakura. In class #3, MORE freestylin', more fun, and more goodies from Sakura. Another secret, one of the goodies from Sakura is worth about $20 all on its own! That's almost half the cost of all three classes put together! Oh, and if you sign up for all 3 classes at once, you get the journal for free, too. Sign up at the store! We do still have space left. Have a great holiday weekend everyone!

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Jenney said...

Girl, you KNOW I'm excited about these classes! I know they're going to ROCK! Can't wait!!!!