Another health update

Well, good news on the cyst! I went in for my ultrasound and asked the technician "so what do you see? how big is the cyst?" And she said - after looking for all of 15 seconds - "well, it's gone." It's gone? Yep. It's gone. Not unusual the doctor said and in fact, almost every woman will have a cyst at some point but most of them just go away on their own without pain or symptoms so they never know they had one in the first place. Interesting. So anyway, I guess I didn't need to cancel my Doodling class afterall but better safe than sorry I suppose.


Jeanette said...

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!

That's great news!
Thanks for keeping us informed!
Take care, see you soon!

Jenney said...

Yeah! That is great news girl!! So glad that thing is gone and you're feeling better!

Can't wait to see you at the Freestyle class!

Angela said...

I'm so glad you're better!