My big boy. Breakin' a tackle. Awwwww. :-)

School has begun, football practice is in full swing, and I'm having an endoscopy on Wednesday. Yes. I know. It's a bit of a big deal but I'm trying to stay low-key in my own mind about the whole thing. It's a big deal, but it isn't. The nurse told me this morning that my gastro doc does 20 of these procedures per day. It really only takes 10-15 minutes. It's the anesthesia that makes it take and extra hour or two. So, don't worry folks. I'll be in and out on Wednesday. I'll post here to let you know how it goes once I get my wits back. On a lighter note, I'm teaching the advanced doodling class, Doodle-de-doo TWO!, on Monday the 28th. I'm SO looking forward to this one! We're going to create a layout with a photo and white cardstock and everything else will be doodled! No paper cutters or embellishments or patterned paper needed! We've also announced my new series of classes starting in September. I'll be teaching a Freestyle Journal class. The classes are sponsored by Sakura! Which means... FREEBIES! The three classes are $45 and you get the journal (and freebies from Sakura) free! Seriously, that's only $15 per class AND trust me, I have the goodies from Sakura, they're wonderful, too. I'm going to teach you how to let go and break some rules and have some freestylin' fun in your new journal. We'll do some doodling and some painting and play with textiles and metallics and .... I'm not going to give it all away. Sign up at Scrapbook Mania. I think these classes may fill fast so hurry!!! I think I'm maxing this class at 15 so get in there! Woohoo! (Can ya tell, I'm excited???) Well, have a great day everyone!


Jenney said...

I know you're so proud of him!!! I'm sure he's a fabulous little football player just make sure he's careful!!!!

I CANNOT wait for your freestyle classes!! It's gonna be so much fun!

Let us know ASAP how you're doing on Wed.!!!!

sherlonkahkai said...

Oh man, I wish I lived closeby so I could take one of your classes. Freestyle journaling and Sakura --- a win-win situation.