I'm okay!

Hey there! Just wanted to post quickly that I'm okay and the procedure went as planned. Unfortunately, or fortunately, they found no ulceration. Which means, no stomach ulcer, but that also means they're still not sure what is causing all my pain. So, I'll be headed back for a CT scan (catscan) in a few weeks. Can I also say AMNESIA? I have NO recollection of anything that happened... from the very seconds I asked "are you pumping stuff into my IV now?" and their answer of yes, we started it, til the time I woke up in my own bed, I remember next to nothing. Michael (who so kindly took care of me today) told me the nurse asked if he would come back to the room with me because she "couldn't handle me." Apparently I was being "difficult" ... not abusive just being very bossy with them. LOL I kept trying to get up and pull my IV out and oxygen off and they kept telling me to lay back down and lay still and I kept trying to get up and demanded that they not tell ME what to do. OMG. I can't believe what a nut I was! Best part, I don't remember it. That is so weird to me. I was conscious for the whole procedure, because I had to be able to follow instructions and commands, but I dont' remember a second of it. Once again, that's so weird. It's about 9:45 pm and I am still rather out of it. I'm up and watching TV and talking and now typing but I'm quite groggy. I'm guessing after a good night's sleep, I'll be fine. I'm not supposed to drive until after lunch tomorrow so I may go in to work a little late if I'm still feeling funny. Anyway. That's my update. Hope everyone had a good day too.


Jeanette said...

See there, I knew you had a bossy, difficult side. Sort of a Dr.Jekyl/Ms. Hyde thing, huh?
Glad everything went smoothly, but I'm sorry that they're still clueless about your problem. Keep us informed.
See ya!

Jenney said...

How funny!!! We're very glad to hear you're ok but I hate that they didn't find the problem! Thanks for letting us know!!!

Lynn said...

Well, hugs to you!

I had an outpatient procedure done under a "spinal" anesthesia a couple of years ago, and they gave me a medication to INDUCE amnesia. I only remember arriving in the room and the administration of that drug (it looked like milk). I asked the anesthesiologist what he was giving me, and he said it was to help me forget the procedure. Everything else is GONE from my memory.

I hope they find the cause of your problem quickly!