Well, we've been shopping for football equipment for hours this morning. I'm incredibly excited about him playing this season because he just LOVES football and has been waiting for years to play. But MY GOSH is that stuff expensive. Registration was about $150 and the equipment SO FAR has been about $250. Shoulder pads $50. Padding $25. Practice pants and jerseys and socks $75. Under Armour $30. Mouth guards, ice packs (yes, I just have a feeling we'll need them), chin strap and pad $25. Cleats $40. And we still have to buy game pants and socks. Luckily the helmet and game jersey are included in registration. I told my son we'd be eating PB&J's for a while. :) I think too, it's kind of like buying spices for a recipe... you have to buy the whole bottle of thyme the first time and then you'll have it for a lot of recipes later. Some of this stuff may last another season so hopefully next year it will be half as much. (If I'm wrong, please don't tell me! Ignorance is bliss.) On another note, a layout of mine was requested by Scrapbook Trends magazine for their November issue. Pretty darn exciting. :) I mailed it in today. Boy, November seems so far away, doesn't it? Well, off to do some laundry, steam clean the carpets, hang out on the back porch to watch the rain fall (wishful thinking), and hopefully a lot of just relaxing and playing games with my wonderful kid. Have a great weekend!


Jenney said...

Wow! That's a lot of money for football equipment!! He'll have a blast playing, though. Just think of all those great shots your gonna get of him scoring touchdowns!!

BTW, a lot of times you can sell stuff to younger players when he's outgrown it. Just a thought!

Angela said...

Yikes! I had no idea football equipment cost that much!
He'll have a blast playing!

Congrats on your upcoming publication! You're on FIRE!

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