Here are the layouts I completed during the 2-day crop. (Click on each to enlarge.) Keep in mind that I spent a lot of time chatting and walking around the store and just having a fun time with my old and new friends. I used lots of doodling on these, a lot of marker and pen work. I really like how they turned out. It's weird how haphazard they are when I'm doing them and I mess up and fix them and mess up again and fix them again. In the end though, somehow they turn out alright.


Jenney said...

Hey girl! I know I teased you at the crop because you "only" got three layouts done but those were some AMAZING layouts!! You are such an inspiration to watch! I hope since you're posting that you've made it home safe and sound!

Angela said...

Your work is just absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us!

Hope you had a great time with your family!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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