Doodle Class tomorrow!

Another doodling class is upon us and I'm looking forward to it! I just want to note the doodling pages I have listed in the right column towards the bottom. There are three PDFs that are part of the workbook I use in my doodling classes. Most of the time, I hear people saying they WANT to doodle, but are just so afraid to try it on their pages. The easiest way to ease those fears is to use a pencil first if you are unsure. Once you have it just right, trace it with a good pen and that's it! Make sure you test the eraser on a scrap sheet of paper first to make sure it's not one of those streaky erasers that leave marks. Try out the PDFs and let me know what you think!


Jenney said...

Good luck at your class tomorrow! Thanks for posting your "cheat sheets!" I plan on putting them to good use!

Angela said...

Just printed the PDF's .....maybe I can get a jump start on doodling and you wont laugh at me at my first class! LOL

Anonymous said...

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