Our first hospital visit

I guess I should be counting my blessings. It's his first visit to the hospital and thank heavens it was for a messed up toe and not something more serious. He was riding a skateboard in our little driveway without shoes and fell and cut his toe somehow. (He was wearing a helmet by the way. But seriously, he was going to get on the skateboard for a minute and ride slowly as he always does because he's no pro for sure. Lesson learned.) It looked awful and pretty deep but the doc thought the stitches could end up ripping out of the end of his toe and do more damage than good. Needless to say, my son was ecstatic that there were no needles involved. He cried so hard when it happened. Tears flowed non stop for atleast 10 minutes. He scared me! Then we get there and he's just the best kid. Brave. Open to whatever the doctor thinks is the best course of action. What a great kid. So no running for a while - which in itself will be torture to him. And the nurses just loved him. They even invited him into the special nurses room so he could watch Taylor Hicks take the crown! Woohoo! Long night. Phew. Glad my baby is okay.


Jenney said...

Glad everything worked out and ya'll got to see Taylor win! I bet that was a pretty scary experience for him and I'm glad he didn't have to get stitches!

Great blog, by the way!!!

Angela said...

OMg.......Cory is soooo big and a HANDSOME HUNK!
I am glad it worked out but I know how scared you both had to be.

Anonymous said...

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