Looking forward to taking the next 5 days off. Yippee! We laid off a bunch of people at work this past week so there is a lot of weirdness and uncomfortable conversations around the halls. I'm grateful for my job but am really looking forward to getting out of there for a few days. So what am I going to do with my time off? Well, the answer is both good and bad. I'm going to scrapbook. Good because I want to and am excited about having all that time to do it! Bad because I think it's supposed to be sunny and pleasantly warm outside and I really think I should be out there doing something like gardening or whatever. Maybe I can scrapbook outside! That actually sounds like a nice idea. We'll see. Hoping to scrap some layouts for myself this weekend - not for any design team or scrapbook store. I'll post what I come up with! Have a great weekend everyone.

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